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Prizes and Concessions




YEAR 2008:

11 December

“Bandiera Verde Agricoltura 2008”: It is a national prize sponsored by the C.I.A. (Confederation of Italian Farmers) with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture Politics, Food and Forestry and under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Youth through which reward farmers, regions, provinces, municipalities, mountain communities and parks that have distinguished themselves especially in environmental protection policies and the landscape also to tourist aim, in the rational use of land, in the promotion of local typical products linked to the territory, in action aimed at improving the living conditions and economic standing of agricultural workers and more generally of its citizens.

With the official ceremony held on 11 December 2008 in Rome, in Capitol, to the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" was awarded the "Green Flag Agriculture 2008" for the Protection of biodiversity and the olive continuous strive towards quality of extra virgin, and for having launched the single variety oil, much appreciated, produced oil campaign in 2007-2008, obtained in 6 versions: “Nectar of Coratina”, of “Frantoio”, of “Leccino”, of “Nociara”, of “Picholine”, of “Toscanina”, which enhance the diversity of taste and organoleptic properties of different cultivars.

Prestigious prizes, also because in the 2008 was given only to 15 Agricultural Farms of Italy, of which only 2 in Puglia, and only one, the Agricultural Farm “Villa Carmine", in the entire province of Brindisi.

Stimulated by this recognition the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" has decided for the campaign 2008-2009 to launch the extra-virgin olive oil single variety in 10 different versions.




YEAR 1999:

“Strada dell’Olio” "Collina di Brindisi": The Farm was incorporated fully into the “Road of Oil” in the promotion carried on from the Group of Local Action GAL Alto Salento, of the extra-virgin Olive Oil DOP “Collina di Brindisi”, identified with the number 21 and being recognized as one of the best product farm of Salento.[Mappa Strada dell'Olio]




YEAR 1998:

Mark BIO – Agricoltura Biologica - Organic Farming: To the Farm has been recognized the Mark BIO – Organic Farming, for the extra-virgin olive oil produced according to criterions of the organic farming, obtained without use of herbicides and pesticides.




YEAR 1997:

Mark DOP "Collina di Brindisi": To the Farm has been recognized the Mark DOP "Collina di Brindisi" for the extra-virgin olive oil produced according to criterions of the disciplinary DOP "Collina di Brindisi", approved with Regulation of the European Community, and being recognized as one of the best farm of the province of Brindisi. [Disciplinare Produzione DOP Collina di Brindisi]




YEAR 1996:

Mark DOP – Denomination of Protected Origin: To the Farm has been recognized the mark DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin) for the extra-virgin olive oil produced in accordance with the requirements established for such recognition.







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