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The Health Properties of the Oil



Numerous studies and researches conducted in recent years have amply demonstrated the beneficial properties resulting from regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil, countless benefits and unthinkable that we propose below in synthetic way.




The rediscovery of the validity of the Mediterranean diet has taken consistency in the '70s, when one is aware of the profound existing between the way of eating and the alarming increase of certain typical diseases of the modern society advanced from the occident, the so - called “diseases from welfare” of “diseases from civilization”.

The Mediterranean diet has been so universally recognized as the best nutrition to maintain health in general, and in particular from cardiovascular diseases, from cancer and diabetes.


It found that in the Mediterranean populations the incidence of coronary heart disease is significantly lower than in countries of Northern d Europe and of the North America.

It was found that cholesterol levels are significantly reduced when the animal fats are replaced by vegetable fats, especially from those contained in olive oil.


The extra virgin olive oil helps to reduce the excess of cholesterol.

Does not generate at all "bad" cholesterol (LDL), favouring, to contrary, the formation of the  “good” cholesterol (HDL).

The last ensures the integrity of our arteries, cleans them from possible atherosclerotic plaque and by LDL, preventing these substances from sticking to artery walls, clogging up.


Even the skin has been resulted particularly sensitive to the beneficial effects of the olive oil.

In fact, in consideration of the composition of the epidermis, it is considered that the intake of olive oil contributes to the reduction of oxidative damage and thus to a lower overall photosensitivity of the skin.

Among other things, the extra virgin olive oil, that derived from the first pressing, has a high content of phenolic compounds, whose concentration, varying according to climate, type of land on which the plant grows and the degree of succulence of fruit, is about 500 mg per litre.
The main property is the one phenol antioxidant

The term antioxidant is referred to those molecules that are capable of blocking the generation of the free radicals (responsable for the processes of cellular ageing) and to prevent the diffusion.

Furthermore, the topical application of olive oil showed a reduction in the onset of skin cancer in subjects exposed to ultraviolet light.


Numerous studies have evaluated the correlation between the nutritious use of the olive oil and the insurgence of cancer.

In fact, studies have shown both a lower incidence of occurrence that a lower mortality for cancer, specifically breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, endometrial and prostate cancer in Mediterranean countries than in countries of Northern Europe and North America.

Moreover the polyphenols exercise inhibitory effects carcinogenesis, by interfering favourably in the phases of the initiation, of the promotion and of the progress.

Moreover the inhibitory effects of polyphenols exert carcinogenesis by interfering favourably stages of initiation, promotion and progression.
Experimental models have indeed shown an inhibition to the cellular growth of the skin lines cancer, breast, of the colon and of the lung.

Even the squalene, largely contained in olive oil, has highlighted its beneficial anti-cancer properties.


The olive oil has an interesting content of vitamin “A” and vitamin “E ", whose quantity does not depend only on the variety of olives, but mainly by the quality, ripeness and health of the olives themselves.

The more deteriorated the olives are so the lower the vitamin content is in the oil.


The richness of fat provides a more balanced development in children, helping the cellular tissue in the assimilation of substances essential to growth.

To put just a little oil in the baby food is the more healthy and the more pleasant condiment.

Even for boys is important a rich diet of extra virgin olive oil, because a body in growth needs for a supplement in the daily contribution of  energies and calories.


Extra virgin olive oil helps the liverwort activity and regulates that intestinal.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil reduces the risks of gastric and duodenal ulcers, exercise a laxative action, more effective on the empty stomach and helps to correct the chronic illness cold.

It also has a protective effect against the formation of gallstones.


The Extra virgin olive oil is not less digestible than the other oils.

the contrary, it has been scientifically proven that is the only oil digestible to 100%, compared with 85% of the sunflower oil, 81% of the peanut oil and 36% of the seed corn oil.

Compared to other fats, particularly those of animal origin, extra-virgin olive oil is what is digested more quickly.


Numerous studies have amply demonstrated that the harmonic composition of fatty acids and many minor components of olive oil protect the human body from the cardiovascular diseases, from the arteriosclerosis and from the cellular ageing, reduces the thrombotic risk, it has action hypertensive, enhances the immune response, promotes the growth of long bones and the absorption of calcium and helps digestion, reduces the risk of gastric and duodenal ulcers, stimulates the production of enzymes of the pancreas, promotes the production of bile, ease the activity of the liver and gall bladder emptying, has a protective effect against the formation of gallstones, enhances the intestinal utilization of fat and fat-soluble vitamins, fights constipation, and powering choice for striated muscle, protects against diabetes and some cancers.
So, if you have not already done so, what are you waiting to change your diet?







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