Production and sale Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Flower of Tear, DOP “Collina di Brindisi”, Green Gold, Extra Monovariety Nectar)



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Awarded with the 2008 Green Flag Agriculture for being the first farm to have brought out the extra-virgin olive oil single variety, now available in 10 different varieties.

Thanks to the high - farms most resistant to the fly attacks is produced Bio Villa Carmine, an extra-virgin olive oil obtained through Organic Farming.

Villa Carmine Company produces the “Flower of Tear”, the flower of the extra-virgin olive oil, obtained from natural blooming without any type of pressing.

Villa Carmine Company produces D.O.P. Collina di Brindisi, an extra-virgin olive oil obtained according to the criterions fixed in the disciplinary of DOP "Collina di Brindisi".


Some of our excellent oil specialties

Extra Virgin

"Green Gold"

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil produced through milling of a mix of 10 olive farm varieties.


Available in various format: bottle from 250 ml to 1 Litre or tin from 0,25 litre to 1 litre and various package of 6 pieces

(weight around 10 kg)

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Monovariety Nectar

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil obtained with the milling of olives of a single cultivar, capable to exalt the singular characteristics of every olive variety: produced in 10 versions.


Available only in the format: bottle of 500 ml or in the package of 8 pieces.

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"Flower of Tear"

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, called "Flower of Tear", is the flower of the oil called "Tear", obtained exclusively from natural blooming during the process of braking.


Available in the format: bottle of 250 ml or in the package of 9 pieces.

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"Collina di Brindisi"

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil with Denomination of Protected Origin, produced according to the criterions fixed in the disciplinary of the  DOP Collina di Brindisi.


Available in the format: bottle of 500 ml or in the package of 8 pieces.

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Free Gift

The people who will effect orders  superior to Euro 100 they will receive in gift a bottle of 250 ml of "Flower of Tear".

The most greater part of the oil production of the agricultural farm "Villa Carmine" it's represented by the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil "Green Gold", obtained from the grinding of all the varieties of olives, and available in numerous formats.

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