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Fair Partecipations




YEAR 2008:

6 September




Fiera Città del Pane e dell’ Olio: the 4th edition of the Fair City of Bread and Oil was held in Uggiano La Chiesa (Lecce) 6 September 2008.
The Fair Exposition, sponsored by the City of Uggiano La Chiesa hosted a number of exhibitors in the field of baking and oil production.
The Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" participated in this day full of bread and olive oil production by offering their own specialties, accompanied by tastings that have found pubblic favours.




YEAR 2008:

from 1st August

to 10 August



Fiera Mostra del Ferragosto Ostunese: the 51th edition of the Fair Exposition of the  mid–August holiday of Ostuni in the town of Ostuni (Brindisi) from 1st August to 10 August 2008.

The Fair Exposition, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi, the Province of Brindisi and the Puglia Region has hosted many exhibitors in the field of the agriculture, of the craft, of the trade, of the industry, of the tourism, of the art.

The Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine", as usual, took part in this kermis for 10 days by proposing their own oil proprietary and accompanied by tastings that as always have encountered an appreciation of the public.




YEAR 2007:

from 29 March

to 2 April



SOL: International Exhibition of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil of quality, held in Verona from 29 March to 2 April 2007.
The SOL has hosted over 300 exhibitors, including the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine", and has made the influx of over 33,000 Italian visitors and over 4,000 foreign visitors, mainly importers, distributors and wholesalers, agents, representatives, caterers, owners of wine shops and/or commercial structures of small and medium size (retail specialist, nutritionists) purchasing managers of distribution chains and/or central purchasing.




YEAR 2004:

16 and 17 May




87° Giro d'Italia: Carovigno is for the first time within the history of the stage of the Tour of Italy, the most important Italian cycling festival, but also a great showcase.
The Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" has occupied one of the few coveted stands ready inside the exhibition made a few meters from the finish of stage Policoro-Carovigno, from which it was possible to exhibit the typical products of Salento, first of all extra-virgin olive oil, in a frame of audience of over 50,000 people have crowded that day and inflamed the city.




YEAR 2003:

from 2 March

to 6 March



Alimenta: the 16th National Exhibition of Food, of Catering, and of Hotel Equipment facilities, held in Udine from 2 to 6 March 2003.
The “Alimenta” of Udine has hosted over 260 exhibitors, including the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" (pavilion 4, stand 6), and has made the turnout of more than 30,000 visitors including over 2,000 foreigners.




YEAR 2002:

from 7 November

to 10 November



Cibus Tour: the 3rd Exhibition of Food and Wine Tourism, of typical and organic products, held in Parma, from 7 to 10 November 2002.

The Cibus Tour of Parma hosted over 350 exhibitors, including the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" (pavilon 3, stand 22), and has recorded an attendance of 60,000 visitors, many from overseas.




YEAR 2001:

from 23 March

to 25 March



Sana: the 4th Mediterranean Showroom of the natural products, alimentation, health and environment, held in Napoli from 23 to 25 March 2001.

The “Sana” of Napoli has hosted 330 exhibitors, including the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" (pavilion 4, stand 828), saw the holding of 15 seminars and panel discussions, and has registered the influx of 27.000 visitors.




YEAR 2000:

from 12 May

to 15 May




Ibexsalento 2000: the 1st edition of the "IbexSalento 2000" Agribusiness: cooperate to compete - Products, Markets, Distribution, Innovation), held in the fair area of Galatina (Lecce), from 12 to 15 May 2000, sponsored by the Local Action Group GAL Alto Salento.
The Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" participated along with 450 other operators in the food sector, 50 corporations, 30 local development agencies, and during which were held 2.500 bilateral meetings and a series of seminars.







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