Production and sale Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Flower of Tear, DOP “Brindisi’s Hill”, Green Gold, Extra Monovariety Nectar)




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Our Dealers


The olive and oil products of the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine" could be booked and/or buy directly by its actual dealers as following specified:


Dealer in Farm "Villa Carmine" in Carovigno

The first dealer is born directly in the legal office of the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine", in Carovigno in Contrada Carmine, where is possible to taste and to buy all the olive and oil products, but even, prior book, to visit the agricultural farm with its majestic ultra century olives tree, and the oil-mill, the beating heart of the company.


Dealer in Ostuni in 34 Cathedral Street

The second dealer is born in the hometown of Nicola Santoro, owner of the Agricultural Farm "Villa Carmine", in Ostuni, 34 Cathedral Street in the heart of the famous and renowned historical centre of Ostuni (the White City), where you can taste, book and buy all the olive and oil products.


Itinerant dealer - Camper Shop

The point of strength of the Agricultural firm "Villa Carmine" it is without doubt constituted by his itinerant dealer point.
With his itinerant Camper Shop, Nicola Santoro has turned in long and in wide Italy and some countries of Europe, promoting his products and his superb extra-virgin olive oil.
Here the most recent tours effected by the Camper Shop:

Tour 2007, Tour 2008-1, Tour 2008-2







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